Therapy Dog Program

The Carleton University Therapy Dog Program is our in-house Therapy Dog Program, designed to bring positive (or as we say, paws-itive) mental health and wellness supports to our community. All of our dogs are handled by professional staff and faculty members at Carleton, and their Handlers work to create welcoming and supportive environments that can provide low intensity, yet effective coping strategies for mental health and wellness.

We are incredibly happy to be back on campus following our virtual sessions during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Meet the Team!

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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog
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Carleton University Therapy Dog



  • Porter (1pm – 2pm) in 131 Renfrew for students living in Residence
  • Speedy (1pm – 2pm) in 3431 Herzberg (Science Student Success Centre)
  • Milo (2pm – 3pm) on 2nd floor MacOdrum Library, out front of the Wellness Desk


  • Bauer (1pm – 2pm) in 4024 Nicol Building


  • Porter (11am – 12pm) on 2nd floor MacOdrum Library, out front of the Wellness Desk
  • Kya (1pm – 2pm) in 204A MacOdrum Library
    • Kya hosts hours every OTHER Wednesday. She will be in 204A MacOdrum on the following dates:
      • September 13th
      • September 27th
      • October 11th


  • Bear (10am – 11am) in Loeb B742
  • Brewster (10am – 11am) in 204A MacOdrum Library
  • Jazz (1pm – 2pm) in Loeb A500A

Frequently Asked Questions

To find our Therapy Dog Schedule, see the “schedule” portion of our website or check-out the main page on our Wellness website for Therapy Dog visit times.

Our Therapy Dog Handlers are all staff and faculty at Carleton who have their own pet and are interested in supporting our student population.

All of our dogs and Handlers go through specialized Therapy Dog training, and our Handlers go through additional training to support student mental health!

Our dogs are chosen for a variety of reasons – temperament, availability of the Handler, how much they enjoy being a Therapy Dog, and size of the dog! We do our best to have a wide range of dog breeds and sizes as some people prefer larger dogs and others prefer smaller dogs.

No. To be a Carleton Therapy Dog Handler, you must be employed at Carleton University as either a staff or faculty member. We do not have community members or students as our Therapy Dog Handlers.

Service animals are trained to perform tasks and do work that eases their handlers’ disabilities – they help attain safety, independence, and offer support solely for their handler.

Therapy dogs provide psychological or physiological therapy to individuals other than their handler.

You never want to pet a dog without the owner’s permission! It’s important to pay attention to the dog’s vest and leash – most service dogs will have multiple “DO NOT PET”  or “WORKING DOG” signs on the vest! If you see this, do not distract the dog from their very important job!

All of our Carleton Therapy Dogs wear red vests with our CU Therapy Dog logo. If you see one, you’re more than welcome to ask to pet the dog but please understand their handler might be on the way to something and can’t always accommodate the request.

How many students attend the sessions typically depends on the time, location, and how busy students are at that time!

On average, we see around 30-50 students per visit, but have had much larger groups than that before.

There can sometimes be a bit of a wait, especially for our dogs that only see a few students at a time, so make sure you aren’t running late.

If you are a Carleton University staff member, faculty member, or an affiliated club or society, you can submit a visit request here.

Please note: we do not currently accommodate requests for 1-1 visits.

If you have questions, please email

Although we aren’t currently recruiting for a new Therapy Dog team, if you are a staff or faculty member at Carleton and are interested in being put on a waitlist, you can email