Health Promotion

Discover the tools and resources Carleton offers to help understand, manage, and improve your mental health and wellness while at university.


Wellness is not a static state of being, but an active pursuit of supporting your health and well-being through daily choices. Learn how to support your own wellness through the eight dimensions.


Resilience is both the process and outcome of managing life’s challenges. This is a skill we can grow throughout our lifetime. Learn more about building protective factors for resiliency.

Health Promotion Team

Carleton’s Health Promotion Team offers opportunities for students to build their wellness toolbox on subjects like mental health, sexual health, substance use health, and healthy living choices.

Self Care

Self-care is the ability to promote health, prevent disease, and cope with illness or disability with or without the support of a health worker. Learn more through the seven pillars of self-care.


The foods we eat affect our mental and physical health. Learn more about nutritional principles from Canada's Food Guide to help you choose foods that make you and your body feel its best.

Sexual Health

Our sexual health encompasses sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual expression, relationships, and the prevention of illness or infection. Learn more about sexual health.