Submit a Care Report

If you are concerned about a student and not sure where to direct them, you can submit a Care Report. The Care and Support team will reach out as required and will provide the appropriate support and guidance to the student.

Members of the Carleton community who are concerned about a student, can refer to several resources on campus and/or submit a Care Report.

The Care Report is an online tool you can use to refer students to Care Managers on the Care and Support Team. The role of Care Managers is to work one-on-one with students to identify and assess their various needs, facilitate access to supports and follow-up with students, as needed.

If you are concerned about a student who appears to be struggling and are unsure of the best resource or support, you are encouraged to submit a Care Report.

If you are worried about the student’s immediate safety (e.g., student is actively planning suicide, they have expressed plans to harm others or you are concerned they are experiencing hallucinations and/or delusions) or the situation feels unsafe for any other reasons:

Dial 4444 from any on-campus phone or call 613-520-4444

If a case is off-campus the reporter should call 911 and provide the information, alternatively, the person concerned can call Campus Safety Services for assistance.

If the student is outside of the Ottawa-area, you can contact Campus Safety Services (CSS) at 613-520-4444 who will be able to connect with the student’s next of kin or engage with the police service having jurisdiction in the student’s location for resources and support in that area.

Please note that having any other party involved may delay the process, Ottawa Police Services in most cases may need to hear from the person expressing the concern/ reporting the initial information.

Emergency Assistance

If this is an on-campus emergency, please call Campus Safety Services at (613) 520-4444.

If this is an off-campus emergency, please call the Ottawa Police by calling 911.

Care Report Form