Health Promotion Team

Carleton’s Health Promotion Team offers opportunities for students to build their wellness toolbox on subjects like mental health, sexual health, substance use health, and healthy living choices.

Carleton’s Health Promotion Team is dedicated to making health information clear and accessible to all Carleton students with a focus on mental health, substance use health, sexual health, and healthy living choices. The Health Promotion Team empowers students to take control of their health by improving knowledge, skills, and awareness in all areas of student wellness.

We offer free workshops, events, and educational content through Quote the Raven and Instagram @carletonwellness.

The Social Wellbeing Workbook is a tool designed to inform Carleton University students about social wellbeing in a self-driven manner. Ultimately, this tool aims to increase feelings of belongingness and reduce homesickness amongst students. The workbook includes explanations of major contributors to social wellbeing, interaction questions and journaling prompts, and helpful campus resources.

To get your copy of the Social Wellbeing Workbook, click here.

Looking for a workshop to support the health and well-being of your classroom, club, or student group?

Carleton’s Health Promotion Team offers workshops on mental health, stress, building resiliency, and how to support a friend. We are currently offering the following workshops upon request:

Building ResiliencyThis workshop will support participants to learn how to build in self-care into their daily routines and how to recognize themselves on a mental health continuum.

Here for YouThis workshop has been created to help you recognize and support your own mental health. Using a 4 R Framework, participants learn how mental health and mental illness are different but related concepts and to understand the importance of self-care.

Resource OverviewThis workshop will cover a list of available resources for Carleton students, on and off-campus using the Resource Guide for Mental Health and Wellness! This workshop will also review the Wellness Services Navigator and how it can be used.

If you’d like to request a workshop, please complete this form. Workshop requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance to ensure facilitators will be available.

The Health Promotion Team is not actively recruiting new volunteers at this time. If you have questions, please email