Spirituality Centre

Now known as the Carleton University Spirituality Centre, we aim to incorporate the respectfully inclusive and welcoming nature of the space that we provide for all people, regardless of faith affiliation. We are excited to be part of the vibrant and diverse campus and city where we recognize, respect, and value the unique worth of every individual.

The Carleton University Spirituality Centre has been formerly known as the Interdenominational Chaplaincy at Carleton University back in the 1960s, then as the Carleton Ecumenical Chaplaincy, and later as the Interfaith Chaplaincy. We have grown and developed over the years to reflect the changing culture of Ottawa and Canada as a whole.

To connect with a Chaplain, please visit their Chaplain profiles for their emails and office hour times.

Our Purpose

Meaningfully exploring and cultivating together the spiritual wellbeing and identity of everyone in the Carleton community as each person treads through their personal journey, one step at a time.

Our Vision

Fostering an inclusive, supportive, and joyful pluralistic coexistence in the Carleton community among different faiths and philosophies through collaboration and a spirit of teamwork.

Our Mission

Nurturing healthy spiritual development in individuals of the Carleton community while enriching and supporting them through quality educational, spiritual and counselling services.

All seekers of the Centre are welcomed, honored, and assisted.