Substance Use Health and Harm Reduction

Carleton University’s Umbrella Project Harm Reduction strategy aims to reduce stigma and promote safer substance use through education, outreach and support. On our webpages you will find information about substance use health and resources to support wellbeing.

What is Substance Use Health?

Substance use is not to be considered in isolation but rather as an overall component of health and wellbeing.

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a term for policies and practices that are focused on reducing negative physical, social, and legal impacts of substance use.

Umbrella Project

The Umbrella Project is Carleton University’s Harm Reduction strategy which aims to reduce stigma and promote safer substance use.


Stigma surrounding substance use is one of the leading causes of poor heath outcomes for persons who use substances.

Safer Use Strategies

Click here to find more information on substances and safer use strategies.

Supports and Resources

Carleton offers a number of resources as well as community partners to support safer substance use.