Health Promotion

Carleton’s Health Promotion team offers opportunities for students to build their wellness toolbox on subjects like mental health, sexual health, substance use health, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Carleton’s Health Promotion team is dedicated to making health information clear and accessible to all Carleton students with a focus on mental health, substance use health, sexual health, and healthy lifestyle choices. The Health Promotion team empowers students to take control of their health by improving knowledge, skills, and awareness in all areas of student well-being.

We offer free workshops, events, and educational content through Quote the Raven and Instagram @carletonwellness.

Looking for a workshop to support the health and well-being of your classroom, club, or student group?

Carleton’s Health Promotion team offers workshops on mental health, stress, building resiliency, and how to support a friend. If you’d like to request a workshop, please email with your preferred workshop date, time, number of expected participants, and what topic area you’d like covered.

Please submit your workshop request at least three weeks in advance to ensure facilitators will be available.

Students who are interested in volunteering with Health Promotion, please email