Student Mental Health Framework Consultation
Consultation 2021-2022

Following an extensive year-long consultation process, we are pleased to share the revised and updated Student Mental Health Framework 2022-2026 (PDF, 2 MB).

The development of this Framework has benefitted immensely from the input and shared knowledge of students, faculty, staff and external community partners to create a guiding document that represents the voices of our diverse communities. We would like to thank everyone who provided their perspectives throughout the year, whether through one of the consultation meetings, an information and feedback workshop or an online session.

After two particularly challenging years due to the pandemic, it was timely to refresh our previous Framework, review our programs and services, consider new trends and best practices and collaborate with the community to further enhance our holistic approach to student mental health and wellness. Major additions based on what we heard include integrating substance use health as part of mental health, developing training and education on cyberbullying and social media use, establishing a community of practice for integrating mental health and wellness into the curriculum and in the classroom and ensuring that equity, diversity, inclusion, as well as Indigenous perspectives are woven throughout.

We have already begun to develop work plans that include evaluation measures for the implementation of the 30 recommendations outlined in the Framework. We will provide an annual report on the implementation of the Framework, and progress updates will be provided regularly.

Striving for wellness is an ongoing process that demands continuous improvement, and we are grateful to the entire Carleton community for their dedication and engagement to this critical work.